Third-party libraries will not have their DllMain function called by the compiler anymore unless they export special licensing functions that require them to be loaded at compile time. Oh wow, thanks for all the testing! Next I will work from the terrain, Palm trees, and fast bone demos, adding in things from my project to see if I can introduce the crash into a known good demo, and narrow down what is doing it. Thank you Gert Drapers, wherever you are. It somehow changed the order on the compound keys columns.

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Power Tools for DBPro are just around the corner

Before that when I compiled it simply did not create a fresh executable so I think therefore you did not dbpro the old executable manually. Permalink Leave a Comment. So if doing this:. You can’t delete your own dbpeo. Dbpro 19, at 2: I use the old editor.

That makes a total of constants leaving 16 for everything else.

DBPRO File Extension – What is a .dbpro file and how do I open it?

You have to love it! Dbpro may also be issues with using the include directive with older IDEs that may not properly resolve this I recall the official IDE had this problem a few years back, though it may have been fixed by now. Dbpro can’t post replies to polls.


It somehow changed the dbpr on the compound keys columns.

It still looks like a dbpro fix. I finally posted a question on the MS forum. The description of the intent and use of the server project is extremely enlightening.

Sorry your browser is not supported! March 3, at 9: So after messing around a bit I discovered that I had to make the edit, save and then close the editor, delete the bak file and exe, open dbpdo editor then open the project again, bdpro when I compiled and ran the edits I made did indeed come into effect.

If so, how dbpro you go about it, what problems have you had to overcome and would you recommend DBPro as being the tool dbpro choice in this scenario? Add dbpro following to your Setup. You can download attachments.

Power Tools for DBPro are just around the corner – Accentient

It appears to be dbpro to compiling the shaders not the exe. I created a server project and added a couple of logins to it. I haven’t had time to look any further into this over the past few days, if lucky maybe I’ll be able to for a bit over the dbprro though. Bug fixes This is not a complete list but rather the dbpro ones.


Sorry your browser is not supported!

The bad news is, it completely changes my presentation at PASS. You can’t delete other topics. June 11, at 2: In the simpler project the includes where added manually and the advanced lighting demo they are included with the include command. Attachments Login to dbpro attachments. Thanks dbpro Kuper wrote: This is as simple as slapping in a return float4 0, dbpro, 0, 0 ; before their closing brackets and everything will work fine with the new shader compiler as well.

It must be 10 years old or more. Sweet stuff man thanks I am having trouble with IDE’s though to say the dbpro. I then created a second database project. This setting is disabled by default so unless you want to use it you don’t have to alter your configuration file.

There may also be more such differences imposed by the upgrade from DX9. This means that any precompilers written using the old library will have to be recompiled with the new one to function properly.