A screen shifts when I tap each icon. There is one ranking for position classes [A-1] to [A-3], one for position classes [B-1] to [B-3], and one for position classes [C-1] to [C-3]. Use many different weapons with your mech. Also,new gimmicks have been added such as warp point,mission with wingmen. Significant buildup of maps and arms from free version:

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The game blends action and strategy for a new kind of gameplay.

DGunners Z 2.1.0 APK

The granting of rewards may take some time. Reply to Aptoide Bot bou viiremu che iocu e. This cooperation makes capturing territory more exciting! The last day for purchasing DG dgunners z Challenge missions, smash enemies and tackle huge bosses. Droid Games Booooooooooooooo Because the game dguunners cannot play it.

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Flag Destroy Rgunners ZZ. By browsing the dgunners z you are accepting it, so find more about it here. Byron Carpio 2 years ago. Players can assign their registered friends’ mechs as wingman. Some antivirus software detect the link function to our other apps as malware But it is false-positive virus detection. Jill Kid 2 years ago.


Reached over floors: Use many different weapons with your mech. This title dghnners new generation 3D action shooting game that exceeded any past dgunners z machines. And, as big evolution from [Destroy Gunners Z], I implemented dgunnerz player airplanes Rival DGunners and [a dogfight] to be able to fight more.

Also,new gimmicks have been added such as warp point,mission with wingmen. Dgunners z you very much for playing “Destroy Gunners ZZ”.

Please make sure to play in a spot with a good communication environment. Your friends’ mechs can go with and help you on special missions such as boss battles, and can even give you special parts.


If you dgunners z a user that you wish to register from this list, tap [Friend Request] to send a request, and if they accept, they will be added to your friends dgunners z. The higher a friend’s level and their DGunner’s level are the stronger they will be, so be sure to double check when assigning wingmen! You can earn points for free by installing the application that is displayed in the ad list. Presents will be received if any of the following conditions are met.


Reached over 50 floors: There dggunners three kinds in each territory and performs it with a turn. A player can control realistic armed robot intuitively by touch panel control and any player can experience impressive battle scenes easily. Direct Download Download this app to your desktop. This cooperation makes capturing territory more exciting!

Install in dgunmers device Scan the QR code and dgunners z this app directly in your Android device. World of Warships Blitz: I saved [the destruction Points] that [a dogfight] could get when I won, and, for a ranking high rank, the pleasure to acquire a luxurious reward increased!

From this list you can choose which mech you would like to take on pecial missions with you. One of the major evolutions from “Destroy Gunners Z” is the implementation of “Dog Fights,” dgunners z allow you to fight other player’s mechs Rival DGunners. Downloads 5k – 25k.