I cant wait to read the responses cause i want to know about that song too. Adamma means beautiful first daughter. This highly suggests that the girl might be a call-girl. The song Sawalele was originally done by Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson in the s, but somebody made a cover version in the s. I’ll see if I can find the music and play it again and interpret it for you guys! Thanks It means pretty lady!

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They call-girls are not usually randomly picked from street corners like prostitutes. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the rave of the moment: Here, Flavor is indicating that the girl in question is light-footed—walking around easily from place to place or of nimble gait.

AZ | Flavour – Nwa baby (Ashawo Remix) lyrics

Clearly, if the girl he was flavour nwa baby ashawo his song to was dancing or walking, Flavour appreciates the haby in front of him. Nwwa who has been listening to the increasingly amazing dance-worthy beats that are now emerging from Nigeria on a constant basis would not fail to have heard this particular song.

I have been trying to remember who did the s version, but I can’t. Can anybody help me out? I hope that translation helped you on some level.

Nwa Baby Ashawo – Remix

Flavour nwa baby ashawo, what does the word “adamma” mean? This highly suggests that babg girl might be a call-girl. Also, what does the word ” adamma ” mean? It is called Nwa Baby. Not finding words to adequately convey the height of his excitement, he lapses into a series of onomatopoeic renditions designed to communicate the supposed elegance flavoue a seductively dressed temptress of a woman.


He said anyone asking had to be at least 26 years old lmao.

Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: Adure is an evergreen. However, its not different from all the love songs going around or their suggestive videos. Friday, 04 January at It’s really very vulgar. You be waka waka baby oh yeah??

The lines “I go tell my mama, oh yes, and I got tell my papa, oh yes, and I go tell am say you rlavour waka waka babe, oh yes, wuru wuru babe, ” basically mean flavour nwa baby ashawo she is a corrupted and bad girl.

It has been remixed at least once in every ten years since the 30s. I like the song. Here, Flavour nwa baby ashawo twists the word Ashawo around artistically by saying Awosha.

I like the song but someone told me the lyrics are saying really rude things? Flavour’s song reminds me much about that ashawi. The song Ashawoo was originally done by Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson in the s, but somebody made a cover version in the s.


Now I see why he was refusing to translate ashawp songs on twitter. He could be asking flavour nwa baby ashawo her attention, for a dance with ashaw, for her smile, for her beauty, etc. Adamma means beautiful first daughter. Please let me know what the song is talking about. Song is really pretty vulgar, you dont really need to even get the igbo translation down, you can just tell by the tone of teh song- first time I heard it was at a club in london and I was pretty inebriated but it stuck in ma head.

See How To Advertise. Now, a lot of what Flavor and his friends were saying on the track were in the Igbo language, and while that has not stopped a lot of non-Igbo listeners from appreciating the song, I felt compelled to give a full translation of this song to English for the benefit of those who might be wondering exactly what was being said.

I cant babg to read the responses cause i want to know about that song too.