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After the death of Fllay’s father which cannot be helped she blamed to Kira that he didn’t protect in a promise but of course Rau Le Kruze is very dangerous pilot, particularly a Clone of Al Da Fllaga Mwu La Fllaga’s father. And as far as I know about the remastered versions, there’s really nothing major. I’m sure Cagalli’s own feelings were conflicted about Kira and Athrun before she found out about Kira being her brother. Of course, Kira wasn’t exactly the same person that Lacus met and fell in love with by SEED Destiny, as he was deeply affected by Flay’s death as well as being affected by Rau Le Creuset’s words, so I wonder why Lacus never spoke her mind about it as she did with Athrun with the issue of his continuing involvement in the “gone for too long war”. Actually, there hasn’t been any indication of anything from EITHER side really in a romantic sense a kiss on the cheek doesn’t exactly equal “love interest”, but rather “friendship” really and both only went that far as far as we know Kira appears he hasn’t gotten over Flay and so I too question why the SEED staff paired Kira and Lacus together, considering the lack of chemistry between the two, and broke Athrun and Lacus up. Not even holding hands or kissing her like Athrun romantically does for Cagalli, even proposing , while he’s had done the deed with Fllay.

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In Kidou Senshi Gundam, mostly Amuro was just admire only towards a complete stranger as Lalah Sune mostly I knew series very well long years ago so does I’m used to be former King of the Games from my young days playing Gundam Games around. And as in Athrun and Lacus, I think Athrun really did love her. I mean if Kira acts in front of Lacus the way he does to Fllay in their relationship wouldn’t Lacus fill a bit of discomfort being the calm and preserved type of person she is. Which made him that way in destiny you know the saving kinda person so I wouldn’t really agree on the Kira does not love Lacus thing.

Why did Lacus choose Kira over Athrun? (spoilers)

I doubt it was “love” in that sense though. I am disappointed she never ended with Athrun, because I think he genuinely loved her and would have made a handsome husband. gujdam


Athrun genuinely seems to love Lacus, and Lacus First was when he gave her roses, then when he saw Lacus command her ship, then where he kinda stares at her when she gives him Justice in Destiny, and finally when she meets up with Meer. Athrun and Cagalli’s relationship was rushed to me and thrown together just because the staff deciding to break lacuw Athrun and Lacus’ engagement and pairing her with Kira.

And as far as I know about the remastered versions, there’s really nothing major. It was Flay that controlled him and made kra like that, didn’t she? Episode Final that Fllay was killed, and Kira lacuss relieved to save her however didn’t saved by the hands of Rau.

And they probably killed off Fllay as an excuse to put Kira “closer” to Lacus.

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Well, did Cagalli actually like like Kira before she found out they were twins? I would say it boils down to the poor efforts of the SEED staff when it comes to developing solid relationships, usually it takes a good foundation to develop a relationship, such as starting out as friends before taking the next step. Not even holding hands or kissing her like Athrun romantically does for Cagalli, even proposingwhile he’s had done the deed with Fllay.

Athrun was clearly upset that things turned out the way it did for he and Lacus that he needed Cagalli for emotional support. Kira definitely had a teenage crush on her, but if they were trying to sell “love”, it really did not come off that way to me, largely due to the fact that there’s not much time given to actual development leading up to that stage.

Kind of like Amuro and Lalah and Char and Lalah ; neither pair actually “loved” eachother like they make it appear to be, but simply feel a deep connection to eachother that goes beyond simple words or actions. Good examples of solid relationships would be Domon and Rain of G-Gundam and Garrod and Tiffa of Gundam X, both couples went through the emotional hardships and the like as well as starting out as just friends before becoming romantically involved.

Kira never shows any affection to Lacus! In an interview, it was revealed that Athrun was very skilled at shooting, while Kira had little experience with guns Plus their hair colors look sweet together blue and pink: Seriously, why did Lacud fall in love with such a space-out? Of course, though she never admitted it, she had to go and end up developing actual feelings for him after the fact and her attempt to get back with Sai, despite everything that happened, showed how much she wanted to deny it and even Sai could see, hence not taking her back.


During that time Kira and Cagalli were getting close to each other not realizing at the time they were related and Flay was looking at Cagalli as a rival when she saw them together. Lacus felt the war had changed Athrun, so that was a factor in their break-up, not just politics that factor was more for the falling out between their fathers.

She was kinda of And well I do agree if Sseed had a little bit of a crush on Fllay, But I never thought it was Love For me, Kira only cried and tried to save Fllay because they never got the chance to talk to her properly, He blamed himself so much for hurting her Kira told Athrun when Fllay was being captured but the other Archangel ship and not being seev to save her from death.

Like a goddess sort of. Who fundam out there shooting all the bad guys? And one time episode Athrun captured Cagalli Kagari something has changes Athrun to fall in love with Cagalli. Well, when you consider they were twins regardless of not knowing and how twins are said to be quite close usually, even when far apart, she probably sub-consciously felt a connection to him after meeting him, which lead her trying to get to sed him better.

There are many blunders in the series,but if she was angry on athrun because of that gkndam beign not peaceful she and athrun could just solve their problems together It’s true that most of the relationships in SEED was underdeveloped, but I felt that if they stuck to Athrun and Lacus, they would have been a good couple. Plus for me, Kira only acts calm in destiny because he matured in a way for me Fllay and Kira’s relationship was Immature.

From what I see, Kira is yet to be totally in love with Lacus, as he still has Flay on his mind.