This will help to judge the ability to create such object. Mapping Channel sets the channel for UVW Mapping to be used for distribution When regular pattern is selected for distribution you can get access to related options. Please wait a while before you submit another job, so that the spawner restarts. The borders of object areas are sharp due to the high contrast value. If the amount of polygons is huge the process of conversion can take very long time or even fail.

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Grey circle means that this object is not active, so it is not presented at viewport and while rendering.

MultiScatter Manual

In case of creating some reasonably big objects, such as trees, any overlapping of objects is not allowed. If the amount of polygons is huge the process of conversion can take very long time multiscatter 2013 even fail.

Animation of mrProxy is not implemented at the moment. A MultiScatter object can be converted into single geometry as well as copied across instances. With default settings texture coordinates set only location of objects, but not their rotation and scale. Avoid using grouped objects for scattering and as a surface, MultiScatter support only geometries, but groups may include other non-supported objects.

Multiscatter 2013 MultiScatter can show wirecolor or diffused colour of objects’ materials. This card helps to create uncountable amount of various tones to gain a more realistic appearance of the scenes with huge number of similar objects. First column sets starting range multiscatter 2013 object displacement within the axial direction of the coordinates, second column sets the final range of displacement. Random Shift gives an opportunity to add some randomness to regular distribution.


December 10th, Color option for the grass multiscatter 2013 processing. It is possible to select the type of object preview at view ports from bounding boxes Box to pyramids Pyramidor turn off preview at all None.

MultiScatter problem

In case the additional variation of texture with random deviation is necessary you just need to multiscatter 2013 the Mix with Color option.

If the animation is not multiscattwr, then select the Ping Pong multisccatter type. The points are dynamically distributed in real-time mode upon the surface of objects depending on the angle of view and the perspective. MultiScatterTexture may be applied both to the MultiScatter objects and to any multiscatter 2013 objects at the scene Below video is done with VrayScatter for 3ds max first generation of our scattering system for 3ds max in year on Xeon E 4Gb RAM machine, as a single scene The Adobe Flash Plugin is needed to display this content.

Mask — that is distribution mask.

To install the program you need to run the Multiscatter 2013 If MultiScatter does not find license file it switches itself to Rendernode mode and only can open and render files created with MultiScatter Workstation. By philip kelly in forum General Discussions.


MultiScatter integrates these and many other features, and was created from scratch, allowing us to bring working with arrays multiscatter 2013 0213 new level. It is not necessary to set this texture for the surface itself. Evidently, the results of combining all these animation types are not always predictable. Thickness is the thickness of objects distribution in reference to spline it is set in system measure units Proxy Distance is the length and width between the objects with regular distribution.


If any object was selected during the creation, MultiPainter will automatically use the surface of the selected object for the distribution over it. The scene containing identical objects created with 3ds max occupies Mb of HDD space. March 26th, 5. You can multiscatter 2013 any multiscattr, Vrayproxy and Mentalproxy at the scene.

MultiScatter a for V-ray 3ds Max – Win64 : Down3Dmodels

This allows the application of polygon models without missing productivity and capacity of RAM. High contrast value makes multiscatter 2013 of object areas more defined. Mask Contrast is set to Intensity — multlscatter intensity, the density of the arrangement depending on the settings of collisions.

You can create collision object from the panel: