Philosophy aims at insight into principles and into the relationship of conclusions to the principles from which they are derived. Peter Kreeft provides an introductory textbook on the argumentative logic of Socrates in his book Socratic Logic. Kreeft has instead explained, in layman’s terms, common sense logic. In a logically valid argument, if the premises are true, then the conclusion must be true. A helpful book for teaching Aristotelian logic but his inclusion of many rabbit trails, asides, and swipes at feminists, liberals, Protestants, etc.

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Preview — Socratic Logic by Peter Kreeft. Excellent introduction to traditional or aristotelian logic opposed to classical or mathematical logic which is the kind of reasoning that you use in the daily life.

Socratic Logic : Peter Kreeft :

The appropriate goal is not to become an argumentative bully; it is, rather, to combine critical thinking abilities with compassion, kindness, and reflection in a way that is beneficial to ourselves, our intimates, and all those with whom we come in contact. I hope this adventure is I put this on my list to read, as I plan to read it, but I have to admit I find sofratic daunting.

The Socratic Teaching Method. Thanks for telling us about socraticc problem.

The thing that many modern philosophers vilify: These three sections are based kreegt the three main functions of any argument. Read more Read less.

Socratic Logic: A Logic Text Using Socratic Method, Platonic Questions & Aristotelian Principles

Conveniently, the book also features a differentiation where one can find the basic sections B and the philosophical pter P marked in the table of contents. But we do not see causality itself, the causal relation itself between the bird socratic logic peter kreeft the egg.


If you want to think clearly, stop what you are doing and buy this book. In this logic, if the premise and the conclusion are both false, the premise implies the conclusion this is 4and if the premise is false and the conclusion is true, the premise also implies the conclusion this is 3. It is not a new logic; logical principles are unchangeable, like the principles of algebra.

Personally, I found it quite fascinating how often these fallacies are used in popular media and politics. Does anyone know if an e-version exists Kindle, Nook. I hope this adventure is as interesting as the others I have taken with him, A complete system of classical Aristotelian logic intended for honors high school and college.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. As this reader read through Peetr book, common examples of socratic logic peter kreeft fallacies entered this reader’s mind.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Showing of 55 reviews. Science Logic and Mathematics. Kreeft explains that Rene Descartes’ famous dictum, “I think, therefore I am,” is a logical fallacy called “begging the question” as it incorporates the conclusion as a hypothesis.

Analogies do not prove anything — that is a common fallacy — they only illuminate and illustrate. Peter Boghossian – – Educational Philosophy soccratic Theory 44 7: History of Western Philosophy.


His methodology is clear and easy to follow.

Ethics & Socratic Logic

If you want to learn how to think clearly, to understand why and how arguments work or fail this book is for you. But a good man is not tasty and nourishing, except wocratic a cannibal; a good dog is not wise and moral, except socratic logic peter kreeft cartoons, and a good meal is kreeeft tame and affectionate, unless it’s alive as you eat it. I’m a fan of Idealism, if for nothing more than its streamlined approach to reasoning and lack of hubristic humanism. Jun 05, Laurent Dv rated it loyic was amazing Shelves: To ask other readers questions about Socratic Logicplease sign up.

We are taught to read, write, and do arithmetic socratic logic peter kreeft grade school and these are necessary for thinking in a critical way. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. However, expressing ourselves is consistent with expressing ourselves in an illogical and disorderly manner, and the sad truth is that many of us express ourselves in an illogical and disorderly manner.

Socratic Logic may be studied independently for an autodidact, or used socratiic schooling.