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The Monado itself possesses the longest overall range of any weapon in the game, which in turn gives Shulk one of the most effective movesets for spacing relative to the rest of the cast. A braking inward slash. Its impressive damage output and high knockback growth make it powerful for a tilt attack. This combo is only avoidable with an air dodge and, due to Shulk’s ability to buffer-cancel Arts or double jump to increase his jump height, this can be effectively performed at a wide range of percentages. Traps opponents in a bright ball of light. Essentially, this makes every attack very committal, and makes it important for Shulk to space his attacks carefully as he can easily be punished for missing.

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Squats and slams the Monado’s hilt onto the ground, causing its beam blade to thrust upward.

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Idling on the Great Plateau Tower. It is based on one of Shulk’s basic Auto Attacks. Back Slash’s knockback is exceptionally weak if hitting the opponent’s front, has considerable ending lag, and is notorious for its inability to edge sweetspot. His back aerial is a capable KOing option due to it being Shulk’s most powerful aerial, with its high horizontal range also allowing it to space or poke from a distance.

Read Piranha Plant’s Guide. His sword, the Monado, allows him to switch between five modes—Jump, Speed, Shield, Buster and Smash—which change his abilities for a short time. If he is hit, Shulk retaliates with a slow, powerful, and long-ranged slash that launches opponents forward. Its hitbox begins slightly behind Shulk’s toes and continues all the way over his head, allowing the initial frames to start combos if an opponent misses a tech and the later frames being able to punish air dodges ; however, despite what the sword trail depicts, the move is unable to connect against enemies behind him during its final frames when the Monado is parallel to the ground.


Shulk getting attacked by Lucina on Temple.

Due to the technical aspects of activating Monado Arts, Shulk also has access to multiple unique advanced techniquesthe most notable of which is known as Monado Art Landing Lag Canceling. Using Chain Attackhis Final Smash. Each spin quickly loses power, but the final spin has slightly more range. Traps opponents in a bright ball of light.

It has lost its initial blade hitbox near Shulk’s body from Smash 4but is no longer as punishable due to its reduced landing lag 11 frames. However, it has slow start-up and high landing lag, making it possible to land before the hitbox appears while suffering from full landing lag. While Speed is active, however, his pivot grab becomes tied with Meta Knight ‘s for the third longest in the game, thanks to his increased speed and decreased traction.

True to its name, it deals more damage and has higher knockback if it hits the opponent’s back: Each Art also has cooldown, during which they cannot be used until 10 seconds pass. Include the new combatants and so far we have over 70 fighters to wrap our heads around. Shulk suepr a small leap forward upon start-up, giving it slightly more range and allows him to jump over small projectiles.


Retrieved from ” https: Shulk is classified as fighter While difficult to perform, it allows Shulk brks avoid punishment before immediately responding with a punish of his own, or start shield break combossuch as an Art canceled back aerial to forward smash.

Navigation Main page Smash Bros. As a result, Shulk is sometimes required to supef risks before he can start performing any significant combos. Pins the opponent to the ground and thrusts the Monado into them via a jumping stab.

A delayed reverse gripped thrust.

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It also deals high shield damage when Buster is active. An overhead arcing slash. Shulk’s special attacks are also flawed in some ways. While his weaknesses are exploitable when fighting head-on, his adaptability allows him to excel when played patiently and while exploiting openings. Jump, Speed, Shield, Buster, or Shull.

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Heaves the opponent in the air and performs a kneeling upward thrust. Moderately slow for a tilt attack hits on frame 10but it has good range and the lowest amount of ending lag out of his entire moveset 21 frames. It is mostly used for aerial mixups since it cannot true combo into most attacks: Opponents can also hinder its effectiveness by DIing downward to powershield the second hit after getting hit by the first, especially fast-fallers or if Shulk has shuk rage.