If you enable it and visit your site on mobile, it will look like a dedicated mobile app and not just a responsive online Directory. Even your massive number of bad reviews does not even accurately portray just how bad your products really are. No companies or organization is perfect but Templatic themes are worth-it to be used and the Team at Templatic is worth the time to communicate with! I would also like to thank Mudassar for his help with my website and for showing me how to figure out how to setup my site as well. So far, the theme seems good for me, except the Home Page design is a bit out of date, the only 3 levels of website tree structure is not so pratical for me. Therefore, possibilities are unlimited when using these WooCommerce based eCommerce themes.

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Their tech support barely understands clearly worded questions and half of the time they give you templafic unrelated answers. More template please, I definitely will keep my eyes on your upcoming education template. I have been using Templatic themes for about 3 years now.

This is definitely not a professional level thmee and unless you code and you intend to use it just as a base for your own theme, stay away. I wrote Templatic and they said there is templatic emarket theme problem with their Theme.

The key to a brilliant eCommerce store is its user experience. I just wanted to say I have been putting Verdan though many questions I am not a customer yet. The Word press theme i purchase was not SEO ready, they hard code the URLs temllatic the theme for specific functions included within the theme so you can not change them the URLs, meta title or description 2.


Templatic emarket theme and Booking System Need to offer templatic emarket theme powerful reservation and booking system on your directory?

Create affiliates and let them promote your products on their own site. Because there is much more to selling online than just letting people choose their product and pay for it. For my purpose, a tourist website for many different cities within one province, Templatic offers the templaticc solution: No thought put into the checkout process, no QA in the code. I paid hell and seated to get data to fill up my directory theme.

Do you have a refund policy?? It looks pretty but — nothing is as promised with templtaic customization or the theme. To add to this their themes are a disaster.

eMarket – Templatic WordPress Template

If you report a bug in the theme or need some help with the setting up the theme they should help you. Yes, English is a second language to most of as at Templatic. If I was to tell you how many things they have screwed up with their themes I would literally be typing this review for about 3 hours. Would you mind supplying a link to one of the sites you built using a templatic theme?

Especially when it matters. The worst and most inane answers to simple questions for help on our website. So that when customers addresses an issue, they can templatic emarket theme images of what they are experiencing or viewing. You can speed up checkouts by turning on guest checkout. We have a very special update planned for all eCommerce users, it should come in the next week or two.


The SEO Test — If my sites are not on page 1 of templatic emarket theme for my organic search tweaking within 7 days of publishing — Then I have done something seriously wrong —.

I think one of the weakest point for templatic is the support and the coding practices. Too much for the lack of functionality. I feel cheated out of my money.

Templatic Review – Is it Good or Bad?

My business is in great need of advertising and Templatic offers themes that are always ready for advertising. It comes with all the options that your eCommerce website needs to sell online. Ecommerce theme — Easily create a local or global money making business directory portal in WordPress. You can read more about our refund policy at http: I was so excited, and only to find that the whole thing kept crashing. But that can be said for all software suppliers. These optional add-ons help you templatic emarket theme payments with more of some of the other popular payment gateways.