Metrum’s smart Librarian is simplicity itself: Described as emphasising frequencies in the “stomach region”, the Punch knob lives up to its name, adding – or removing – ‘oomph’ around the Hz region. There’s also a dedicated modulation envelope that can be used as a source, and the amplitude envelope of any layer may also function as such. We’d suggest an option to show an analyser instead of the somewhat redundant virtual keyboard. Accidentally hit the Randomize! You could always combine your existing synths, samples and effects to create custom kick drums, of course. The latter is tempo sync’ed so that it’s always heard on the offbeat, and it resets when a new note is played, so the reverb never obfuscates the kick itself – also neat!

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This effect makes it a doddle to achieve sidechain pumping – a very common dance music production technique. You can set user sample folders, but you can’t traverse vengenace.

Accidentally hit the Randomize! Impressively, the small waveform graphics and those in the envelope screens continually update to reflect your tweaks. The Shape knob metrhm the oscillator from a sine wave up to a near-triangle shape, while Drive applies distortion and Spike accentuates attack.

There are genre-categorised presets, and they’re just as powerful and production-ready as those in Vengeance-Sound’s sample libraries. Like the other layers, vengeance sound metrum controls are visible at all times. Described as emphasising frequencies metrmu the “stomach region”, the Punch knob lives up to its name, adding – or vengeance sound metrum – ‘oomph’ around the Hz region.


Vengeance Sound

Metrum delivers the goods for any form of electronic vengeance sound metrum, be it house all flavourshardcore, RnB, hip-hop, DnB, hardstyle, etc.

Metrum’s smart Librarian is simplicity itself: We particularly enjoyed binding the mod envelope to effects parameters eg, bitcrusher frequency and those of the oscillator, such as Drive and Shape, to add a touch of growl in the decay of the kick, or to sharpen the attack.

We’d suggest an option to show an analyser instead of the somewhat redundant virtual keyboard. It’s an ADSR design, with nodes for each point and curve handles. Our Verdict It’s a specialist tool and not for everyone, but Metrum’s convenience and quality of vengeance sound metrum will delight those who take to it.

All presets respond to the mod wheel, and there are three GUI Modifier macro knobs that provide additional sound-shaping options – eg, to dial in extra reverb, reduce the sample rate, fade in a ride cymbal sample, etc. Let’s look first at the synth oscillator.

Vengeance-Sound Metrum review | MusicRadar

In the meantime, you can use host automation or set up alternative CC control in the matrix. Take a listen to some Metrum presets. Vengeance-Sound branched out into plug-ins last year with the first in its Vengeance Producer Vengeance sound metrum series, Multiband Sidechain. The three GUI Modifier knobs can also be controlled via CC, although this didn’t work for us – Vengeance-Sound is aware of the issue and hope to fix it in an update.


The sound is authentic and thoroughly slammin’. We’re sure some producers will wonder how they ever made do without it. You’ll also have to resist the urge to continually tinker with your kick!

No progressive stereo narrowing effect. The main tone of a kick drum typically starts out high then drops low very quickly. These can be auditioned just like full presets and dragged onto a sample slot.


The basics are mute and solo buttons, a volume dial and pitch control. Cons Pointless virtual keyboard. Easy to use but potentially quite deep. Likewise, Metrum aims venfeance make light work of the most fundamental – and often most important – element of any dance track: Vengeance sound metrum Pro-quality, floor-shaking kicks!

No undo and minor bugs in v1.

Genuinely useful, fun randomise options. The timing is rock solid, too – as tight as placing samples on an audio track, at least in our test DAWs Live and Cubase. The most basic is a two-band EQ on the entire output.